General Questions

1   Do I need to clear coat decals and how long after putting them on model?  
Yes it is best to clear coat decals, as this seals them on the model. You should wait at least 24 hours for the decal to dry in place first than clear coat. Also best to put a clear coat down before putting decals on as it helps decals to bed better.

2   What clear can be used on the decals?  
You can use most clears on the decals but do a test on a decal first, on a scrap bit of plastic first just to make sure. But remember to never use acrylic paint on enamel paint.

3   My Photoetch is a little dull, can I make it shinier?  
You can use a metal polish such as Autosol and give a light polish. Excess can be cleaned of in warm water.

4   What is the best glue to use with resin parts?
Superglue, Plastizap, Zap Locite super glue and 5 minute epoxy are excellent for gluing resin parts.

5   My paint work is fish eyeing, how can I fix it?  
  You can fix it by first washing in warm soapy water then letting dry. Undercoat with a primer. Then put a drop of anti-silicone drop in paint before painting.